"Wow, look around at the sight and the sound,
        To be taken by surprise, that you can't believe your eyes!
'Cause this is only the beginning!  Only the beginning!

Updated : December 2002

Casting is closed! Thank you to all who wrote!

Check back on more info about "THE TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! TOUR" for 2003
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Welcome to The Jem Project!

Here's a small guide as to what you will find on this page:

The Project: The Anniversary Project run by fans of Jem
                   This includes cosplay and section on how you can wear Jem's
                   outrageous outfits.

The Awards: What the Project has won over the years.

The Collection: My personal collection of all things Jem
                        This includes photos and current values if I have them.

The Stories: Fanfiction and original scripts

The Glamour: The photography of a rock star
                      This includes stills, fan art, and the original art of Jem.

The Music: The sounds of Jem & The Holograms, The Misfits, and The
                  This includes wav's and MP3's of the music plus my remixes.

The Videos: Jem on film
                   This includes clips of the show and music videos.

The Links: Other Jem sites and web rings we belong to

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